The Testimony of the Mad Liberal

Saturday, November 30, 2002  

This is the first translated release from the Necropolitique. It is somewhat shaky. However, I believe I am making some progress in clearing up some of the missing information. This is the first section I managed to translate at all, and attribute the breakthrough to the numerous dates and place names in this section.

[untranslated, 29 lines] beginning in the late 20th Century. The American Empire had fully solidified its grip on the Western Hemisphere by about 1950, and begun an earnest campaign of economic and political expansion that lasted well into the 21st Century. Some of the many associated wars that will be covered in this chapter are the Global Wars (Europe, Africa, Asia; 1906-1947), the Wars of Imperialism (East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America; c. 1890-1985), the Social Wars (Europe, North America; 1950-1974), and the Spasm Wars (Global; 2000-2025). The roots of the American Empire's final collapse can be found in all of these conflicts and more, going back as far as the Great Southern Revolt (North America; 1861-1865), and the Pacific Conquest (Hawai'i, Philippines, Samoa, Micronesia; 1820-1915), but it is important to note that the significant events of the early 21st Century can be clearly seen as catalytic.

[untranslated, 117 lines]

[edited] Political evolutions away from the original republican model--and the brief but dramatic attempt at a democratic model--occurred throughout the entire history of those so-called United States. [untranslated, 8 lines] and the final corporate plutocracy truly reached a zenith in the moralist/corporate coup d'tat of 2000 (see America Bought, Chapter 37, for complete analysis). For the decades following that surprising (but predictable) ascendance of the anti-democratic coalitions, American global hegemony seemed assured. As we shall see, however, the seeds of her demise were already fully rooted.

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Friday, November 08, 2002  

Coming sooner than you think

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