The Testimony of the Mad Liberal

Sunday, December 15, 2002  

This is a small portion from about a fifth of the way through. It seems to have very different tone and voice from the bulk of the material up to that point. I am beginning to suspect that Necropolitique is actually two documents: one a textbook-like expiation of the history of our times, seen through a distant lens; and two, what seem to be personal notes taken by one or more people, perhaps students, perhaps a reviewer, or perhaps someone else with motivations I have yet to decipher. They always begin with a three letter designation, probably initials. These few lines are the first of the notes style of entry that I have decoded, not the first of that type to appear. I believe I will begin to separate notes sections from the rest of the text with quote marks.

mmv. "What [untranslated, 3 words]! It is impossible to believe that people back then were that dumb. They invented the datanet and the cube and all sorts of important things, and yet they allowed their democratic institutions to evaporate without so much as a whimper?!? Look at the millenniumm coup d'etat: Bush II loses the vote, but is appointed president by a court majority of justices appointed by Bush I and his allies? And there is no outcry? In fact, if we believe the text, in the very next national elections they swept more of the Bush II corporatocracy into power. Is this really a reasonable reaction to premonistic fears of the Spasm Wars? (from Chapter 3) I say that's crap. They were either manipulated into giving up all their rights by an incredibly devious power elite (circumstantial evidence for the Davisson Theory?) or they were the stupidest, most short-sighted population in history."

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