The Testimony of the Mad Liberal

Saturday, March 22, 2003  

This was found embedded in the previous piece. Something like marginalia, I suppose.

1. Not pre-emptive. Proven that no connection between al Qaeda and Hussein existed. Pure propaganda.
2. Maybe. Not measured, though. Mass destruction with "Shock and Awe" strategy. But still, not appropriate. See above.
3. Yes. Control of oil fields top military priority. Bushes (and whole admin) with deep oil industry connections.
4. Yes. Younger Bush repeated references to threats against his father.
5. Yes. Subsequent events clearly demonstrate. Iran, Turkey, North Korea, Phillipines, Indonesia, Syria, etc.

Not mentioned(!) Younger Bush religious/zealot determination to instigate Armageddon (christian world ending mythos) scenario. Post Spasm Wars memoirs and other sources (The Decline and Fall of America, Davisson, 2075). Younger Bush delusions maybe substance-abuse related? Try to find primary source, medical history.

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Friday, March 21, 2003  

Speaks for itself

Name the five leading theories for the Second Oil War. Discuss.

1. A pre-emptive war. Designed to stop terroristic attacks against United States interests.
2. A retaliatory war. Measured response to terroristic attacks against United States interests.
3. An imperialist war. Intended to claim control over vast oil resources originally developed by U. S. corporations.
4. A revenge war. Younger Bush avenging perceived harm caused to elder Bush during First Oil War.
5. A hegemonic war. Opening salvo in U. S. attempt to control world political, economic, social, and military apparatti.

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